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Why a heart? Because of it is coming from our hearts.
 Why green color? Because of reusing is ecologically.

"Fookoo" has two meanings in Japanese language: "clothes" and "happiness".

We collect used baby's and kid's clothing in sizes from 0 till 5 years old, then provide direct delivery to mothers who live in devastated areas and developing countries.
Also we are truly appreciating small donations what covers a delivery cost and a new baby goods purchase.

A used baby clothing: some people will say: “It is just a trash”, some people think: “It is smart way to reuse it”, but for some of people it could very supportive.
Our babies have a magic feature: they grow up as yeast dough. Just couple months ago your baby was born and now you need to have a shopping, perhaps third times already.
How about those stuffs what have been used less than five times only?
Should its be sent to trash box?
We do not think so and there are several reasons, why:
First of all, if they still look like as new and in good quality it better to be reuse. Japanese language has very meaningful word: “mottainai”, what laterally “sad for waste of something”. In reality, to throw almost not used clothing out IS mottainai. We suggest: do not do like this.
Then, a family budget could be rescue by getting used baby clothing approach. To get a dozen new T-shirts and panties each month is really could crush a financial stability even a wealthy people.

The most important to understand, then at any time and any part of our world can happen difficulties, troubles or even a disaster, That can heard each individual and turn persons to change their life style and needs. Furthermore, for some of people daily surviving is their life style for many years. Many of these people are mothers. Each day in the motherhood they have to manage ways and sources to obtain food and clothes for their baby. To have some shirts, panties, hats and shoes as a gift could be supportive a lot.

To donate used clothing is absolutely not a bad manner, it is smart way to conserve resources and support people in their needs.

『べびー福』 は、0歳から5歳までの子供服を集め、発展途上国や災害地の子供たちへ届けるプロジェクトです。


0歳から5歳 までの子供たちは私たちが予測もつかない様なスピートで成長します。
お祝いでもらったおしゃれ着が、5回も袖を通さないうちに小さくなってしまった。。。なんてこと も。
子供の成長に合わせてサイズのあった洋服を着せることは、子供たちが自由に活発に動き回ることがで きます。
また、お母さんやお父さんも、子供に可愛い洋服を着せる楽しみは育児の疲れを癒す助けになるでしょ う。
しかし、必要不可欠な子供服にかかる費用を削減出来れば、食事や教育などに予算をあてられるでしょ う。


Слово "Fookoo" (Фуку) имеет два значения в японском языке: «одежда» и «счастье». Мы собираем ношеную детскую одежду и обувь на возраст от 0 до 5 лет и организуем отправку и адрескую доставку по принцыпу «из рук в руки» матерям, живущим в пострадавших от бедствий районах и в развивающихся странах.

Kathmandu, Nepal

"We have distributed the clothes, on 21st August 2011 on the auspicious  occasion of the Children’s day, A.P.S. Hospital in co-ordination with Rotary Club of Himalaya Patan (RCHP), celebrated the children’s day with the children of Society for Solidarity of Children (SSC) day care centre, Jadibuti Koteswor. In that day we have distributed ”3 sets of clothes each”, “Parle G biscuits” and “juices” to the 45 children and also provided some rolls of tissue paper and Litto for the organization Society for Solidarity of children. Specially  i would like to thank you and your organization for providing the clothes, and hope to get a continue  support from you and your organization for this kind of charity."
(August, 2011)

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Nairobi, Kenya
"Thank you from the poorest mothers of Nairobi, who received the first part of the clothes you sent to Kenya! They are from St. Martin's Care Centre Women Support Group in Kibera, Nairobi, - one of the largest slums in the world. The children you have helped were at some point in danger of being aborted for economical reasons, but their mothers were brave enough to trust in God's Provision, and you have extended God's helping hand to them. Thus you supported the lives of these children also! And what a wonderful symbol they received - the Wombie - which supports and affirms these mothers in the choice they made: that a Mother's Womb is the safest place to be, peaceful, loving and accepting without conditions. This simbol will be with them every time they meet for mutual support and recreation, and will be a means of important psychological support to them. Thank you for the wonderful work you do, and may God continue to bless you so that you can continue to be a blessing to others!" (December, 2011)

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On Facebook: べ びー福 / Baby Fookoo

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